Tata Wiron

Tyre bead wire used for the reinforcement of virtually all types of pneumatic tyres such as trucks, buses, passenger cars, jeeps, OTR equipment, farm equipment, motor cycles, scooters and cycle tyres. The main function of the tyre bead wire is to act as reinforcement and it helps to get a […]

Tyre Bead Wire

Cable armor wires are used in armoring of cables, which are typically used in power segments. TSGW manufactures two different types of cable armor wires, round and flat cross section. TSGW is a leading supplier of flat and round cable armor wires in India. These wires are manufactured on modern […]

Cable Armour

Pre stressed concrete wires find extensive usage in concrete reinforcement of electric poles, Pre stressed concrete pipes, concrete piles, railway sleepers, concrete panels for precast segment.

PCSR Strand

Tata Wiron Spring Wires find use as tension and compression springs in two wheelers, four wheelers and general engineering industry for applications ranging from Shock Absorbers to Clutch Brake Springs, to Mattress Spring etc. Tata Steel Wire Division is one of the first Steel Wire Companies in India to get […]

Thick Spring

PC strands are used in pre-stressed concrete girders for road, river & railway bridges and flyovers, pre-stressed atomic reactor domes, slabs, silos, hangars, aqueducts, high-rise buildings, viaducts and railway sleepers.

Infra – LRPC

Tata Steel Wire Division is one of the leading manufacturers of Spoke Wires in India catering to nearly 50% of market requirement. It is also exported to cycle wheel manufacturers around the world. The Product range includes Drawn Cycle Spoke, Bright Cycle Spoke and Galvanized Cycle Spoke. It is mostly […]

Spoke Wire