Akzonobel Paints

Superior quality synthetic enamel for wood and metal, it is hard-wearing, washable and quick drying.

Dulux Gloss

Offers great value to consumers with its all-in-one package of competitive pricing, superior technology and environment-friendly features. This paint has a unique formulation that ensures easy application and long-lasting protection against harsh weather conditions. Its Colour Guard technology gives walls rich, non-fading colours and its STAR technology provides extra hardness.

Dulux Promise

It is especially formulated to give long-lasting protection and an aesthetic appearance. The paint’s tough water-repellant film protects the exteriors of houses from rain and its special preservatives fight algae and fungus. Its latex-enriched formula gives a glow to tiles and bricks.

Dulux TileShield

This exterior paint offers designer textured finishes that can unleash the customer’s creativity for personalised surroundings through a range of effects. It is formulated with special materials that give it unparalleled toughness, durability and water repellency. The paint’s high consistency and filling properties allow it to hide the imperfections on […]

Dulux WeatherShield Tex

High performance exterior emulsion paint designed to protect exterior surfaces from the most challenging weather conditions. Its special resin resists chalking and peeling and maintains the film’s integrity. The paint’s unique formulation provides superior resistance to dirt pick-up, algae and fungal growth, hence keeping unsightly black spots away.

Dulux WeatherShield Ultra Clean

A revolutionary exterior paint, which can reduce the surface temperature of your walls by up to 5 degrees Celsius (tested by the Centre of Energy Studies and Research), keeping homes cooler and more comfortable. The Solar Reflective Index (SRI) of this paint is double compared to regular exterior paints, thus […]

Dulux WeatherShield

A range of interior wall designer finishes that helps create exclusive walls. Take a journey into your style and discover a variety of elements, patterns and shades that bring it to life.

Dulux Velvet Touch ‘Trends’

A premium luxury interior paint that gives a unique soft sheen and velvety smoothness to ceilings and walls. It is the only paint with a pearl glow finish, thus taking class and elegance to a whole new level. Besides its rich colours and great sheen, this paint provides washability and […]

Dulux Velvet Touch ‘Pearl Glo