Switch Gear

Havells “Busbar Chamber System” is designed for safe, reliable & economical distribution of power to various loads as per the requirements of the system. The modular construction of the bus bar chamber provides for compact & easy add-on modules on the basic unit for system expansion (if the need be). These […]

Busbar Chamber System

    A comprehensive range of “Euroload Switch Disconnector” (Load Break Switches) have been designed and developed indegenously to meet various needs of distribution circuits. The switches are compact and suitable for AC-23A duty.   Range : •    80A to 400A in 2 frame sizes in 3 pole . •   […]

Euroload Switch Disconnector

  A wide range of  Front Operated Panel Mounting “Kompact Switch Disconnector Fuse” are offered for various power distribution applications. These switches have high short circuit making and breaking capacity and are suitable for stringent AC-23A utilisation category. These can be used for both AC and DC applications. Specification : […]

Kompact Switch Disconnector Fuse

  The need for continuous power supply and its reliability has increased rapidly over the years, especially in all those areas where uninterrupted power supply is a must. Modern systems are power dependent. Their complexity has increased as continuous information and communications are needed to control automated process, be in […]

Instaline Automatic Transfer Switch

    Havells On-Load By-Pass Switch connects normal supply to the loads in case stabilized source fails. In fact, it By-passes the UPS/Servo Stabilizer in case of their failure and provides a means of connecting alternate supply to the load. The switch also ensures isolation of the up-stream and down-stream […]

Euroload By-pass Change over Switch

Features: •    Quick make & quick break mechanism. •    High electrical & mechanical endurance. •    Advance neutral. •    Enclosed housing to avoid dust ingress. •    Staggered terminals upto 800A. •    Load and Line reversibility. •    Provision of phase separators, add-on auxiliary switch •    Door interlock and padlock facility. •    Extended […]

Euroload Changeover

Range: Two basic Versions – ‘G’ frame panel board upto 400A -‘A’ frame panel board upto 800A Specification: -Fully application oriented as per IS:13947-I&II and IEC: 60947-I&II IS:8623 and IEC:60439 IS:2147 and IEC:60529


Havells a leading manufacturer of Low Voltage Industrial products for Three Phase and Single Phase power distribution, switching control and protection requirements. Our products are approved by International Quality bodies such as KEMA, CE, CSA and are as per IEC standards/IS Standard.